Friday, May 26, 2017

Humbling offers of help

Why is it we find it so hard to accept someones help... Have you ever offered doing something for someone and they said yes to it?  It is a wonderful joyous feeling to know you are doing something that eases a load on someone. I've been there made doing the chore or errand so much more tolerable and yes even fun.

In the last few months I have had to humble myself and accept offers of help, when someone sees a definite need to be done they often jump to help.  We allow our pride to keep us from not only blessing ourselves but also from blessing the giver.

Today I had someone text me an offer I quite honestly wanted to say no to, it actually took me 5 min or so of struggling with the reasons to say no even while I was so happy for the offer.  I said yes, and loaded up 4 loads of laundry into a friends car.  2 sopping wet smelly loads and two others I had hoped to do today.  I ma extremely humbled and blessed, and yes blessed in the true sense of that word, I'm not just throwing it in there.

I am praying hard that both my washer and dryer are fixable, yup they both bit the dust last night hence the two sopping loads of laundry...the washer fills and empties but won't spin and the dryer just Keith is pretty sure the dryer is just an internal fuse but the washer...the motor to spin won't engage...pray it is fixable, it would be a hardship to replace that and the other two appliances that need replacing to...deep freezer and vacuum...

Anyhow back to the original content, trust me, say yes sometime to an offer of help I promise it not only blesses you but the person who offers in ways unimaginable!

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